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Perfect build-outs need the right systems in the right places.


LaptopsAnytime specializes in synergistic relationships with Architects, Facility Planners and Interior Designers to deploy one-of-a-kind functional, space-saving and aesthetically pleasing systems with special attention to new construction and extensive renovations. We provide Custom Kiosk Graphics, Configuration Choices and as much Support as you need to ensure your project is successful


Now you can design (and implement) what you want without compromise. How your space looks, feels, and flows can and will be a huge draw and statement. 


Ensure your vision is being implemented correctly. Get started with a LaptopsAnytime conversation today.

Up to 30 Devices in 5 linear feet


LaptopsAnytime Systems are Customizable by Row and 

can Manage Multiple Devices

as well as Doors/Drawers.

Going Above and Beyond with High-Performance Ergonomics, Full Accessibility and Ease of Use...To Meet Your Facility Needs!

ADA Standards for Accessible Design

ADA Compliance is a universal design consideration for LaptopsAnytime Kiosk systems, and all models have been designed to comply with the most recently implemented American (ADA) and European Disability Access guidelines (March 2012). Some kiosk installations  may require simple

pre-deployment considerations (software user interface design).  Our standard user interface is already set up to ensure ease of use for all self-service customers.


LaptopsAnytime has summarized the main review points to be reviewed when considering compliance. Kiosk systems should be

on a level flat surface with little to no surrounding obstructions. 

Click Here to View Full ADA Standards

LaptopsAnytime Supports Equality, Diversity and Inclusion for All

  • All bays easily accessible by everyone with large angled touchscreen for easy viewing

  • No wires or cords to manage and no excessive bending or reaching required to use our systems ( We meet ADA reach guidelines )     

  • 100% Automation enables automatic locking, docking and charging and resetting of devices to pre-set state 

Architects Dream

Presentation Downloads

Screen Shot 2021-12-21 at 12.39.47 PM.png
Screen Shot 2021-12-21 at 12.20.47 PM.png
Screen Shot 2021-12-21 at 12.20.27 PM.png
Presentation Downloads

Architectural Kiosk System Tech Specifications  

Screen Shot 2022-01-07 at 10.44.20 AM.png

6-bay Laptop Host

6-bay Tablet Host

6-bay Chromebook Host

12-bay Laptop Host

12-bay Tablet Host

12-bay Chromebook Host

12-bay Laptop Companion

12-bay Tablet Companion

12-bay Chromebook Companion

18-bay Laptop Companion 

18-bay Tablet Companion

18-bay Chromebook Companion

Current Device List

Most Popular Supported Models

Dell Models     

D3300, D3310, D3320, D3330   

D3400, D3410, D3420, D3430    

D3500, D3510,     


D5400, D5410, D5420, D5430    

D5500, D5510    

D7400, D7410, D7420, D7430    

D9400, D9410, D9420    



MBA13 & 14"

MBP13 & 14"

iPad 10th Gen 11"

iPad Pro 4th Gen 11"

Lenovo Models    

T14, T14s,T14G2,T14G3, T14sG2, T14sG3    

L13, L13G2,L14,L14G2,    

E14, E14G2, E14G3    

P14s,P43S,P14G2, P14G3    

Chromebook 3    


HP Models    

HP440G5, HP440G6,HP440G7, HP440G8, HP840G9

HP840G5, HP840G6, HP840G7, HP840G8, HP840G9

HP740G6, HP740G8, HP740G9

HP445G5, HP445G6,HP445G7, HP445G8, HP845G9

HP845G5, HP845G6, HP845G7, HP845G8, HP845G9

HP745G6, HP745G8, HP745G9

HP250G6, HP250G8, HP250G9

HP640G6, HP640G8, HP640G9








We Strategically Build 

Around Each New Generation Of Devices. Please Contact

Us For Details


Increase Electrical Outlets with Innovative Portable 110 Volt Power. 

Ideal for high traffic areas such as Schools and Classroom Buildings, Libraries and other Public Spaces where people bring wide range of technology devices but there are not nearly enough outlets to accommodate the need for access to recharging power.


The ChargerAnytime Kiosk system pioneers “Power for one, Power for all” starter systems of 12 and 24 power banks and add-on companions with up to 36 additional. 

Each System Plugs into One Wall Outlet and Ethernet


• 3-vertical door rows

• 5-vertical door rows

• 6-door rows

• 10-door rows

• 3-horizontal drawers

• 6-horizontal drawers

We also can offer kiosks with rows of horizontal and vertical doors/drawers which can be added to other systems or can be standalone systems:

Custom Graphics

 Custom Kiosk Branding and Graphical Solutions

The idea behind the graphics is to help promote the kiosk and "Brand" your school or facility at the same time, while building enthusiasm for using it.


Get Your Kiosk Noticed

We realize that in order to enhance the success and excitement of your new kiosk, visual impact, plays an important part of the branding mix.


The message and existing brand/logo, colors etc. for your institution should be incorporated into the overall experience of the kiosk laptop checkout.


Our seasoned professionals will design and produce the panels for your kiosk. We work closely with your marketing or art department to achieve the look and feel of your institution, organization or corporate brands.

What We Need To Design Your Kiosk

• Illustrator .ai vector file of your logo.

• Color preference (PMS colors if you have them)

• Options:  Themes, Taglines, Phrases, Mottos, Sponsors 

We will work with you in developing your custom kiosk design. We are happy to take any direction to get the creative juices flowing!

The marketing practice of creating a name, symbol or design that identifies and differentiates a product, institution, or other entity from other products, institutions, or other entities, is known as "Branding".

Kiosk branding is not just about using the same logo and organizational colors; it is also about sending the same positive message over and over again. 

Screen Shot 2021-12-21 at 12.54.23 PM.png
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