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Something to Ooooh & Aaaah About

Enrich, Engage, Explore... The World Of  VR

Now you can dispense Virtual Reality (VR) Headsets. Custom configurations.

Update multiple headsets at the same time. All secured with LaptopsAnytime™ 

Award Winning Audit Trail Technology. Complete with docking station.


Drawer Use Cases:

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•    Device Management Made Easy.


•    Deploy Custom Content Packages For 

      Immersive Experiences, Learning and

      Self-Discovery via Powerful Content                 Management System.


•    Docking Station Inside Each Drawer                 Charges The Headset And Hand

      Controllers Automatically.


    Systems provide full accountability,          100% Self Service Operation and

   control over user access / content.

LaptopsAnytime is mainstreaming Virtual Reality with the World’s First “All-in-One VR Checkout Kiosk System” offering your facility the power to manage multiple VR Headsets in multiples of 3 per host cabinet.


Systems are ADA-accessible and need 110V power and Ethernet. A purchase includes a self-check kiosk system along with mandatory software/maintenance package, Quest 2 headsets with controllers (one set each drawer), docking station and content management system.


Systems Can be Standalone or can be Included Ad Hoc to complement other LaptopsAnytime kiosks.


Contact Us Today to Explore the Amazing Library Content Package that VR Brings in areas including: Educational, Science & Cultural Experiences. 

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