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Where else can users get on-demand portable power 24/7/365 when they need it?

Each Charger Can Power Up To 3 Devices At Once!

Finally You Can Set Up A Self-Service Program To Dispense Portable Power Chargers

The “New” ChargersAnytime Kiosk System from LaptopsAnytime dispenses heavy duty “portable” power chargers that can power cell phones, tablets and yes, even most 13, 14 and 15 inch laptops via standard 110V outlet and USB. Kiosks come in multiples of 12 chargers and are integrated to local Library ILS and/or School Active Directory/LDAP or other membership database.


Let’s face it. Without enough power outlets, institutions -- especially those in older buildings, bear the brunt of user complaints. Now you can smartly deploy ChargersAnytime kiosks to add portable 110V charging outlets to meet the flexible needs of a small army without costly electrical wiring or expensive stationary furniture. 

ChargersAnytime -- A truly Powerful, Portable, Flexible solution when you just do not have enough outlets in your facility!

Ideal for high traffic areas such as Schools and Classroom 

Buildings, Libraries and other Public Spaces where people bring 

wide range of technology devices but there are not nearly enough 

outlets to accommodate the need for access to recharging power.


The ChargerAnytime Kiosk system pioneers “Power for one, 

Power for all” starter systems of 12 and 24 power banks and 

add-on companions with up to 36 additional.


What makes ChargersAnytime Power Chargers so unique? 

#1:    Our Power Chargers are available from a proven Self-Service 

Kiosk System and are docked to power so Chargers are 

always dispensed charged and ready to rock-n-roll.

#2:    There is one 110V outlet and three USB outlets on every Charger so users can charge their cell phones, tablets and majority of 

13, 14 and 15 inch laptops at the same time.

#3:    Facility has complete administrator control over the 

Kiosks from database integration to audit trails to setting checkout limits and overdue fines. 


#4:    24/7/365 self-service availability -- no staff oversight necessary.

#5:     ChargersAnytime Kiosks can be configured along with 

 LaptopsAnytime laptop/tablet dispensing systems, meaning 

 that you could have 6 laptops + 12 chargers, 12 laptops + 24 

 chargers, 24 laptops + 12 chargers and other combinations etc.

ChargersAnytime dispensing kiosks are available with 6-8 week shipping time from receipt of order and will transform your facility from having not enough power outlets and therefore unhappy users to having just the right amount and happy users --- Guaranteed!

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Need More Outlets In Your Facility?


110 Volt

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