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In sum, Your Success is Our Success!


But while we know that we have accomplished 

a lot through our customers, we know that our 

approach at LaptopsAnytime is not a fit for everyone.


If you require a proven, efficient, highly configurable 

space-saving multi-device dispensing system with 

proprietary software and full accountability to increase 

tech access and save time that can effectively replace 

or supplement desktops/desktop labs, “manual” 

circulation counter(s) and over-burdened technical 

staff, then we may have the right solution for you.

All LaptopsAnytime Kiosk Systems are ‘Made in the 

USA’, UL-Approved and designed for heavy usage. 

It is not uncommon for us to handle thousands of 

checkouts per month, even from starter systems. 

Our systems never sleep – LaptopsAnytime Systems 

can be used 24/7/365 and can be placed anywhere 

with standard 110V power and Ethernet.


In standard bay systems, all devices automatically 

auto-dock and system initiates auto-recharging and 

returns devices to preset state. Our bay systems work 

for users of all ages and backgrounds. Typical end 

user interaction at the kiosk is fast, typically under 

30 seconds. Administrators decide on the checkout 

duration and authentication method (e.g. bar code, 

swipe card or rfid reader in combination with on-screen 

keyboard) that best fits their end users and facility.


LaptopsAnytime Kiosk systems can be managed at the 

kiosk or remotely via our Central Management Server. 

In addition, all kiosk systems are smartly configured 

to authenticate to many different local databases from 

LDAP/Active Directory to Integrated Library System via 

SIP-2 (172 different ones so far).


In our systems, you can mix-n-match laptops, tablets 

and/or portable 110V power chargers, separated by 

row or cabinet. System supports numerous enterprise 

laptop models with preference for 14” and smaller. 

And yes, we support some Chromebook and consumer 

laptop models as well as iPads (and sometimes other 

devices) too. 


Our latest innovation -- Dispensing Portable 110V 

Battery Chargers -- is unique in that the portable 

chargers complement the growing number of BYOD 

(bring your own device) patrons and allow them to 

plug their specific device charger in to the Portable 

Battery Charger's 110V/85/Watt port.


This new approach allows facilities to avoid adding wiring and costly additional wall outlets to their facilities. 

LaptopsAnytime Systems offer you all the management 

tools so that you can control local Terms and Conditions, 

screen text (up to two additional languages, besides 

English), and on-screen graphics. And a camera takes 

photos at time of every checkout for extra layer of 

security and accountability.


In fact, LaptopsAnytime Kiosks email administrators 

with trouble codes, e.g. if device fails to eject, kiosk 

fails to check in, RFID reader fails etc. and kiosk 

proactively shuts down "troubled" bay or "bad" device 

until administrator can check on the issue.


Furthermore, LaptopsAnytime Kiosks have the ability 

to record and email administrators with device issues. 

Kiosk gives user the ability to notify administrators 

of laptop issues (broken screen, keyboard etc.) for 

their immediate attention.


Note: All bays and screen buttons within LaptopsAnytime Kiosk Systems are ADA-Compliant

and Accessible for all users. 


We are also the only Company to standardize around 

choice of Automatic 3-yr/4-yr/5-yr Upgrade Programs 

whereby each facility receives a new replacement kiosk 

per their selection and continual participation on one of 

our Maintenance/Service Plan Levels (Platinum Plus, 

Platinum or Gold). 


As part of its Platinum Plus Hardware Agreement, for 

example, LaptopsAnytime covers all costs associated 

with repairs and replacement parts without additional 

costs. Furthermore, our kiosks are kept in new condition 

and updated every three years to accommodate newly 

purchased laptops, regardless of the model.


We completely replace the 3-year old kiosk with new

bays, graphics, and electronic components without

cost or interruption to the Customer. The old kiosk contains 90% Machined Aluminum and 10% Sheet

Parts for which 80% is reusable in other kiosks and

100% percent of the kiosk is recyclable. This maintains

your kiosk in a like-new state without cost to you or the environment.  Over a 6-Yr period, Platinum Plus Service plan provides you with one new kiosk and 2 replacement kiosks (year 3 & 6) giving you a consistent kiosk

experience for the next nine years!


So if you need a system that is easy to deploy, use 

and scale (Start small with starter system and add 

companion or additional hosts as warranted by local 

demand), access full management status, inventory 

and usage reports, can streamline your operations 

and transform the look and feel of your facility with 

a forever-focus, and a new kiosk in 3, 4 or 5 years 

when you refresh your devices, reach out to 

LaptopsAnytime today and discuss your use case.


But first, please see client case studies below so 

you can see first-hand how our systems work and 

the impressive results our systems provide.


Best of all, our systems work for anyone at any level 

— even if you're not a "mega-sized" organization. 

Or you are not the most technical person at your 

department, organization or company.  


Last but not least, we charge facilities standard 

pricing for the same kiosk equipment, annual software 

licenses and service plans based on market rates. 

Thus, we offer every facility the best possible – fair 

and reasonable – price, including quantity discounts. 


We look forward to the opportunity to work with you 

and your staff and colleagues.


P.S. In case you're one of those people (like me) 

who just skip to the end of a letter, here's the deal:


We want you and your organization as a life-long 

customer but only if there is truly a match. 


That said, there is no "catch" to our approach, 

now or anytime in the future. In the end, we want 

you to have certainty and peace of mind that you 

are selecting the right system. Explore our website

and when ready, fill out the Quote Request Form 

for a response from one of our team members. 


Case Studies

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